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Sleep. Sleep Pretty.

Sleep. We spend the most precious of our everyday in deep sleep, where the problems of our every day lives leave us momentarily.  This jet-setting life of mine has led to many sleepless nights, whereby I find myself wide awake in the wee hours of the morning, thinking of absolute rubbish. I am begining to believe my body is now filled with toxic because research has shown that the time at which the human body detoxifies is actually between 11pm to 3am. Not only do I miss this detox period for my precious body, I find myself woken up at 9am in the morning by some sort of an imaginary creature which holds my eyelids open and crawls into my brain and runs circles in it. So this has been my lifestyle and sleep pattern for the past few weeks and I can tell you that is a horrible experience. I find myself putting on extra pounds (and, may i add, not in the most flattering of places), being rather irritable and just plain tired.

And contrary to what you may perceive, counting sheep doesn’t necessarily put you through a peaceful sleep. (I’ve tried it countless of times and I always drift off thinking about something related to sheeps and some faraway farm and what it would be like if I was born a farmer’s daughter). Well, research shows that combing your hair and wriggling your toes before sleep helps to improve blood circulation needed for a good night’s rest. But, I shall let you into a little secret of mine, sleeping pretty does it for me. Honestly, I just cannot fall asleep without having a nice warm bath, slattering myself with the richest of moisturers before slipping into bed with my pretty and luxurious Les Affaires sleepwear. It’s all the little things you can do for yourself as you prepare for a good night’s rest. There’s no saying what works for me will work for you but I think it’s all about finding the sleep diet best for you, my sleeping beauties.

Les Affaires instantly transforms from sleepwear to casual wear.

And worry not, when your sleep diet just doesn’t seem to work. For the first time, it didn’t. My overactive mind wasn’t gonna allow me to do sleep pretty without a hundred worry lines on my face. It was then that I decided to take a road trip out driving with a bunch of friends. The trip was so impulsive that i simply changed out of my sleeping pants, put on a pair of denim shorts and i was out in seconds. Extremely random and it made my friends question my sudden decision to leave but honestly, it made many things so much clearer in my mind. The doubts that I have been having in relationships and questions I had about myself and what I want. Not only that, it left me so absolutely tired that I fall asleep promptly before 11pm. It was exhausting but nevertheless, rejuvenating. Funny how I just put two contradictory statements together.  Free your mind, and find what works best for you. I know I did.

I shall bid you bonne nuit and a well-rested sleep. Les Affaires will be with you all the way. And as usual, I’m gonna give you a secret promocode: LALUVFASHIONISTA which gives you an awe-inspiring 25% discount so you can get the same well-rested sleep that I have! (: You’ll be surprised by the change it’ll make to your life!

the prettiest box ever!

Plus, every order comes in this pretty box. I use it to put all my pretty sleep stuff inside (i.e. scented candles, bath & body works moisturiser, eye mask and my sleeping socks!). Get yours today loves.