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Fash Bash!

See you this weekend! unbeatable discounts, we promise.
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With the boyfriend eye’s only on soccer this entire month, Les Affaires is here to give you some tips to get some of his eye time.

Dress right for the right occasion. When the other boys are around (aka the soccer-betting-buddies), make sure you’re appropriately dressed without looking like you’re trying too hard.

But when it’s just the two of you, it’s really all up to your imagination how you wanna look and dress. However, during the FIFA World Cup, you first have to access how ready he is to be seduced. Don’t go all out, with your full bustier corset, only to realize he only wants to KO. I’ve specially picked some styles that will keep your dignity intact, in the case that he really just wants to sleep.

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Trendspotting: In full view

Nothing catches more attention than brightly coloured ‘Sex Pistol’ Nippies (as seen on Rihanna).

Ever edgy and fashion forward, Rihanna takes style cues from the ‘Sex Pistol’ Nippies set. She was seen wearing the neon pink pair under a black sheer top with a striped skirt in NYC’s SoHo district. Follow her fashion statement with Nippies – the first and only nipple cover made from real lingerie fabrics. For absolute comfortable, beautiful and functional coverage that won’t compromise your style.

Other celebrities, including Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, are also endorsing it. This makes it one of the must-haves for Summer’s see-thru outfits and one of the hottest upcoming fashion trend. 

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga


Whether mixing or matching Summer’s hottest accessory, Nippies are a patch of freedom you won’t want to hide. Get them at a pocket-friendly price at FAVE@City Link today! (:

Sheer Lingerie as outerwear? Use Nippies to cover up!

According to Lingerie Trend, more and more women are wearing sheer lingerie as outerwear, as inspired by celebrities such as Victoria Beckam and Rihanna. This new pheonmenon sparks off a virtual run on nipple covers.    

This fashion trend simply means that women no longer find the need to hide lace chemises and sheer teddies. After all, most lingerie is far too pretty and sexy to hide. But wearing them out, without proper coverage, is seriously a fashion faux pas. 


Avoid Victoria Beckam’s nip slip and Joanne Pei’s recent nip slip at the recent Star Awards with Bristol6’s Nippies.   

Take a leaf from Kate Walsh – She looks effortlessly sexy without looking trashy. All thanks to Nippies! Nippies are adhesive covers that are perfect if you’re going braless but still like a little coverage. 

Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage

Les Affaires is bringing this fashion statement to Singapore. Find Nippies at at FAVE at CityLink! Available in various shapes and colours. 

Otherwise, do email payment@les-affaires.com for more information or any enquires.

Les Affaires Private Preview and Brand Ambassador Party!

Firstly, we just really want to thank FAVE for letting us have our Private Preview and Brand Ambassador Party at FAVE@CityLink and sponsoring us with awesome cakes and finger food.. and not to mention, free nail services for all our brand ambassadors and their friends!

Let’s let the pictures do the talking.

Cordelia looking cute

June and Cordelia comparing their manicures

June and Cordelia comparing their manicures

Drying their nails.

Listening intently to the talk given by FAVE

happy happy people

important behind-the-scenes ppl

important behind-the-scenes ppl

Les Affaires Pretty Brand Ambassadors

They are all wearing clothes from Les Affaires’ Summer’10 collection.. order yours online now. we love the one that Sharon and Patricia are donning now. It’s bound to be a hot favourite. ((:






Thanks once again to FAVE Nails (namely, Jane and Alicia) for being part of our Les Affaires Private Preview cum Brand ambassadors party. Also, special thanks to Vansessa for being such an awesome photograher. we  ♥ you!

The Les Affaires Team

Innerwear as outerwear.

The way to the future of fashion is in innerwear.

Invest in some good innerwear at Les Affaires today!