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Les Affaires Fashion Show 2010: Naughty & Nice

When it comes to fashion, somehow naughty and nice just doesn’t seem to fit, except for the fact that they both start with the letter ‘n’. Especially so when it comes to sleepwear. It looked almost as though we had tasked ourselves with the impossible when we set it as the theme of Les Affaires Fashion Show 2010.

But nevertheless, we must say, we succeeded. The lace veil mask that the models wore was a signature of this “naughty” theme. When ‘un-veiled,’ the niceness of the Vintage Trousseau collection was undeniable. Showcasing Vintage Trousseau, the fashion show played on the romance & sensuality of yester-year where courtship was slow and gradual, where beauty was alluring and mysteriouus.

Guests mingled in the Fashion Show pre-party, some decked in the same lacy veil mask that was included in the gift bags, at the chi-chi Ta Ke a Studio M hotel. It was a seductive tropical setting with an infinity pool. Everyone from the Les Affaires team was decked in Les Affaires latest collection. Guest who spotted them were reward with prizes fro TaKe & Chocolate Schubar. The show was not without a cause, we raised $500 for the Breast Cancer Foundation, by auctioning an exclusive one-off bridal piece.

Be Decadence. There is no such thing as over-decadence when it comes to pampering ourselves with the sweet surrender of lace, and softest of fabrics here at Les Affaires.

Exclusive footages here:


Lady Gaga says we should look nice all the time.

We are not hard-core fans of Lady Gaga but we love the way she pushes the boundaries of fashion. She’s self-indulgent and sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering (just don’t go overboard, dears!).

image credit to

She said on showbizspy: ‘I think you should look nice all the time. When I meet celebrities and they’re in casual clothes, I’m always like, ‘Whaaat?’ I don’t mean to be judgmental, but it would do them better to be who they really are, all the time. When I get out of a car and there are 30 fans waiting for me, I know I’m dressed the way I should be. There’s a reason they have that emotional reaction.’

You should too. You don’t have to dress the way she does, you just have to dress in what you think you look best in. Indulging on little splurges that you so deserve. I can’t wait to slip into my favourite sleepwear tonight as I sip a hot latte and read my book to sleeep.

Here’s my picks! Its time you indulge in yourselves too, sleeping beauty.

Fall/Holiday’10 Collection [sneak preview]

picture credited to Nostalgique Tchieu.

We are extremely excited to share with you Les Affaires’ Fall/Holiday collection because it’s simply gorgeous.

please find more pictures here and here.

Once again, we would like to thank the entire team for their efforts! Our gorgeous model from AVE! Our  ever-innovative photographer, Eng Howe from Montage Studios who is soooo patient with us and our 1000 demands. & Our very versatile make-up artist, Ice.  She can do any look you ask. Seriously.

We heart you guys for making it a success!

Vintage Trousseau

It’s the coming of Fall/Holiday and this time, we’re gonna bring you something more vintagey than ever, more dark than ever. We absoloutely love this merging of new patterns with old vintage trousseau styles.

We heart this look because it is suggestive, not aggressive.
which, may i add, is way sexier.

Here’s a sneak preview of our inspiration this season. Nostalgia.

I just love the cute PJ’s in the picture above! Be sure to catch the same blend of black lace and cream in our coming Fall/Winter’10 Collection.

And, the plus point? It’s a perfect compliment to this season’s trend.

Vintage Way by MachKa MazarLa featuring Miss Selfridge brooches.

You should have always known that there’s nothing wrong going to bed looking as fashionable as you look in your everyday life.  ♥

Behind the Scenes: Summer Photoshoot

Best Video of the Day

We have to thank a few very special people for this shoot:
Eng Howe (Our photographer from Montage Photography)
Thank you for the wonderful pictures, for being able to capture those moments and for giving great creative and technical direction to the entire team. We love how you manage to make the harsh afternoon sun seem just like a soft summer sun.
Ice (Our make-up artist that does the hair-styling as well)
Thank you for being a wonderful make-up artist for both Spring and Summer, for making those luscious curls on our model and teaching us secret make-up tips! we heart u.

But the best shot/video of the day:

Spring – Behind the Scenes

Spring Photoshoot (Behind the Scenes)

Photoshoots are alot of hardwork contrary to what most people think and there’s nothing glamorous about it. We literally work out butt’s off! Here’s what goes on during a shoot:

On set:
Themes for our fashion stories are decided, and the photographer, make-up artist and models are given the artistic direction. Over 100 outfits have to be shot in a day, so we have to time how long we can spend on each shoot – each outfit can only be given 10 minutes before we have to change to the next outfit.