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Crystal in Les Affaires' Holiday Collection'09

Crystal in Les Affaires' Holiday Collection'09

Crystal Shong
Crystal first entered the modeling industry when she was featured on the March 2003 cover of Singapore’s Seventeen magazine, after which she entered the Ford Models Supermodel of the World competition in the same year and was in the top 20. Since then, she has been a familiar face at events like motorshows and trade shows. In 2007, Crystal was the #25 briefcase girl for the Singapore version of the popular international gameshow, Deal or no Deal (Season 2). In 2009, she was also one of the top 21 Grid Girls for Singapore’s Formula One race by Singtel, where she traveled to Hungary with two fellow Singtel Grid Girls and the host of the show, Kui Jien, to report on the Budapest leg of the race.
Quote of the Day: “Les Affaires is different – it actually allows extreme comfort. It also gives excellent drape, and isn’t it silly to iron sleepwear? Now you don’t have to, because Les Affaires using cotton knit means the fabric resists wrinkles better than woven fabric. So convenient! And let’s not even mention the obvious about how gorgeous the designs are, so much so that I think they look more expensive than they cost!”

Peggy in Les Affaires

Peggy Heng
Peggy has won several pagents such as the BigBoyzToyz bikini Babe 2006 pageant, which was featured on Wan Bao newspaper and the Mei Li Yi Sheng Beauty Talent Search. She has also taken part in various shoots such as Party World KTV Advertorial Shoot 2008, AIA Corporate Video Shoot, MICA Corporate Video Shoot and Safra Club’s Advertisement.
Quote of the Day: “I was extremely pleased when les-affaires first approached me as their ambassador. Other than the fact that I can save so much from my obsession in sleepwear,the “3C’s” blew me away, literally.” The 3C’s being ‘Convience, Comfy and Cuteness’.

Cordelia in Les Affaires' Spa Wrap

Cordelia in Les Affaires' Spa Wrap

Cordelia is the Top 3 girls for Singapore Grid Girls 2009 and FHM Girl-Next-Door 2008 1st Runner-Up. A student from LaSalle Colledge of the Arts, Cordelia proves that she isn’t just a pretty face with a good knowledge of everything she endorses, from cars to fabrics. Working as a marketing executive, she shows she removes her make-up quickly and effortlessly in Les Affaires’ spa wrap and headband before she heads for her shower.
Quote of the Day: “At the fact that I still can look pretty before going to shower too! Love the headband when I only want to face my face and body! :)”

June in Les Affaires' Spring'10

June in Les Affaires' Spring'10

June Wee
June is has been featured on many magazines including Hot Stuff and FHM. She is currently in the Top 15 for FHM Models 2010. Having graduated from Temasek Poly, she is currently working in an MNC. We love the fact that she’s in love with the brand and sleepwear in general. Candid and adorable, she brings life to every party.
Quote of the Day: “Dont you like wearing something comfortable before sleep? Well i do, and i love it…I would love to say i love the latest collection by Les-affaires!”

Patricia in Holiday'09 Collection

Patricia in Holiday'09 Collection

Currently working as a secretary, Patricia shows how one can lounge around during their free time or off-days in Les Affaires attire. Bringing a fresh persective on the brand, Patricia tells us not just how Les Affaires manage to fulfil her high expectations on comfortable lounging and yet flatter one’s feminine curves and silhoutte, but also how it can set her to a relaxing and calming mood after a hard day at work.
Quote of the day: “And Les Affaires fulfills all 3 criterias! Their collections are made of 100% cotton knit or cotton knit blend, which makes them more elastic, form fitting, resist wrinkles and comfortably drape your contour! WOW! O.O”

Let us welcome a new addition to our family.

Junying in Les Affaires' Spring'10

Junying in Les Affaires' Spring'10

Junying is a freelance manicurist and a freelance model. She has an awesome sense of style and she’s been modelling for brands like Bonitochico. I think we love the fact that she brings a new dimension and viewership of our brand. Hope you like her blog as much as we do. (:
Quote of the Day: “I was lucky to get a chance to experience in Les Affaires sleepwears! and I must say the material for their sleepwears is extremely comfortable! I label myself as an Aphrodite Goddess, it means beauty goddess.”

Please feel free to leave any comments on our brand ambassadors here. (:


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