A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. – Coco Chanel


Today I understand why the satorist became the satorist. I am in poverty-stricken Egypt and it is quite unlike how I imagined it. In my guidebook, all i see is the majestic pyramids, the sculptures cast in gold, the lakeside cafe at El Azhar. All architecturally beautiful. Yet, I am here now and it’s an eye-opener. The buildings are half-built with the foundations still there because they simply ran out of money to continue the construction. The top of buildings are filled with yesterday’s old clothes. Walking out of giza plaza, I see a handful of little boys begging for money and mothers with their children, asking for one us dollar. The guidebooks don’t tell you it’s like this.

And yet, I fell in love with the way these people dress. Nothing from the page of vogue yet timelessly chic. I see a man in a suit and tie, looking immaculately neat, despite the fact that his suit is probably close to 30 years old. It’s nothing expensive but it feels as though his personality shines through it. Here, everyone dresses in a way that seems to tell a story. The man in charge of the camels has the look of a shepherd.  There’s just so much emic influence that I simply cannot ignore. And I wish I could capture that moment in film. Compare this with Dubai, a rich and beautiful city with shopping centres that could match the size of Singapore. Yet, everyone dresses and looks the same. Worse still, in jeans and slippers..which is to me, the greatest faux pas.

Fashion that comes from within, doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us take this day to remember that fashion should complete your personality, instead of forming the whole of it. I will start with my innerwear today. Invest in classy and fabulous sleepwear that is uniquely you today. I know I definitely will.


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