Les Affaires Private Preview and Brand Ambassador Party!

Firstly, we just really want to thank FAVE for letting us have our Private Preview and Brand Ambassador Party at FAVE@CityLink and sponsoring us with awesome cakes and finger food.. and not to mention, free nail services for all our brand ambassadors and their friends!

Let’s let the pictures do the talking.

Cordelia looking cute

June and Cordelia comparing their manicures

June and Cordelia comparing their manicures

Drying their nails.

Listening intently to the talk given by FAVE

happy happy people

important behind-the-scenes ppl

important behind-the-scenes ppl

Les Affaires Pretty Brand Ambassadors

They are all wearing clothes from Les Affaires’ Summer’10 collection.. order yours online now. we love the one that Sharon and Patricia are donning now. It’s bound to be a hot favourite. ((:






Thanks once again to FAVE Nails (namely, Jane and Alicia) for being part of our Les Affaires Private Preview cum Brand ambassadors party. Also, special thanks to Vansessa for being such an awesome photograher. we  ♥ you!

The Les Affaires Team


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